Words and Music by Peter McDowell
All tunes are copyright © - All Rights Reserved ®

Automotive Shuffle 3.6Mb
Beyond Reasonable Doubt 4.4Mb
Celestial Observation 2.5Mb
From the Pond (Original) 3.4Mb
From the Pond Ver 2 5.2Mb
If You Think You Ought 5.2Mb
La La La La La 4.1Mb - Count Copernicus and Cosmic Fire
Love's Embrace 10Mb
Love's Embrace (Acoustic version) 10Mb
Marmalade 2.7Mb - Count Copernicus and Cosmic Fire
Nostalgia Version 1 6.8Mb
Nostalgia Version 2 5.3Mb
Ocean Waves Soundtrack 3.3Mb
Painted Ego 3.2Mb - Count Copernicus and Cosmic Fire
Semaphore 6.6Mb
Serendipity 6.2Mb
The Limp 3.4Mb
The Time Machine 7.1Mb - Count Copernicus and Cosmic Fire
Sunny 6.1Mb - Melissa Williams 1971
Sleepwalk 6.3Mb
Break It To Me Gently 3.8Mb - Angie Vee
Brand New Key - acoustic 2 Mb - Angie Vee
Gypsies Tramps and Thieves 2.5Mb - Angie Vee
Flame Trees 4.1Mb - Angie Vee
Have I Told You Lately 4.1Mb - Peter McDowell
Heading In The Right Direction 3.2Mb - Peter McDowell
Insensitive 3.9Mb - Angie Vee
Me and Bobby McGee 3.2Mb - Angie Vee
Simply the Best 3.9Mb - Angie Vee
The Dude 5.4Mb - Gayle Wise
Roof Garden 3.6Mb - Gayle Wise
Me and Mrs Jones 4.7Mb - Gayle Wise
At This Moment 3.6Mb - Gayle Wise
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